Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Momentum, a first call, part 2

My cage at it's fullest had 23 people, two of them in wheelchairs. One, pissed-himself-passed-out, a native American who had been letting air out of tires. And the other was am amputee taxman from Niagra who had been unable to escape the Saturday assault on queens park. The cops had told him to hop to the car, dragged him when he refused, then lost his prosthetic leg and file. So he was stuck in there about 30 hours, 8 past before he got a wheelchair. The only humor in the cage was this dude who stripped down to his boxers because he was soaked, he had no problem being the comedian and really enjoyed it. His name was called and he responded with, "can you hold on I need to put my clothes back on". Well they forgot about him after that, but I'm sure he got out soon after I did. The majority of detainees were liquidated out on condition to not protest anymore in Toronto that week.
        Canadians were oblivious to the battle that was lost that day, but anecdote aside Canadians are overwhelmingly docile and ignorant. They love to believe their little platitudes and buy their Tim Hortons.
        Being near absolute predicable, and with opposition controlled or infiltrated, the upcoming generation of weight-bearers, those parents and workers, are essentially obeying the program. You know this, but I think the future holds no grace. It's an just an acknowledged trait of mine to be into these things. The territory is all mine, no one I know feels compelled to care about the world, as they say I do, they tell me to care about myself. Am I just a Fucking example of how not to think? Oh they tell me it's noble to have a heart like mine but they just don't want the stress of it all. Incompetence everywhere. What curse humanity has when only a few individuals are given the faculties to see obvious the meaning of life. Indicative of itself, only to some.
        Exasperating frustration, or apathetic nihilism, being aware is no easy task. Like a vampire the dollar leaves us little time to work for anything else. We all need to cherish the evenings but if any good is to come of us it will come upon the renunciation of after-work pleasures. How many people would fight for their "free-time"? Fight to keep watching movies, drinking beer, killing virtual opponents, or having fun with the kids? I believe that we are deep in dystopia. I know the evil, I have been the evil. I thought in extremes, still do, and it enlightened to me a reality of our ways, when in high-school I seemed to be the the only one afraid of being absent in the history books. I was given many opportunities to learn about other paths of being. I see, or imagine poetically, a "Map of Fates", drawn up from people, peoples, their toils, achievements and remnants. Humanity is Issued Forth, as today, as ever, always. Issued Forth, across the seas. Issued forth, by the mysteries.
        I hold faith in this phrase. This letter is a request to discuss any faith you might have in it. A repetitive phrase could be put to good use in our favor. The momentum of movement that cares about our future is not toward unity. Could that be shifted? They are Issued forth toward a kind of unity. There are so many issues, everything is progressing rapidly, we are letting ourselves be divided. There is no leadership that is Issued Forth against them, in defense of what's left of the realm.
        Time is running forward. This is a small call for a new unity. I hold no ownership over this idea. Energy in motion prevails.

"for all that is, and ever will be, and to all that our eyes may see"

"to all those souls that have lived before, and for all the souls come evermore"

Thank you for the comfort the knowledge of your personality has given me, and for your time spent here.

        -Addison Comeau                 @IssuedForth

"for the growth, before the decay, as both are one, from day to day"

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  1. I am nobody. I am everybody. I am. Unity Through Diversity. Focus.

    I was wondering what might fit after having read your blog. I can somewhat commiserate with how you "see" things. That came to me after a bit. Figured I'd share.

    Take care!